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by Patti Logan, Chair of the Board

In the June 2009 issue of The Evergreen we first introduced you to the partnership between SBAWS and OlyGeek in Olympia to refurbish computers and provide them free of charge to friends in need.  The computers include Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007 Pro Plus and various anti-virus and email programs.

   As of October 31, 2009 the first two computers have been matched with new homes.  Eight more will be made available, so now is the time for those of you WITHOUT computers or who have NEVER had a computer to speak up.  We can provide one for you for FREE.  Just two requirements:  1) We need to know who you are and 2) You need to identify someone in your area that can give you technical support as you use the computer.  Each individual user is responsible for securing Internet service.  If you live within 100 miles of Olympia, we will help you set it up in your workspace.

   This first computer was nicknamed Pilot since it took 440 hours of tech time to prepare for us.  SBAWS has paid for all the licenses and set up.  Would you or someone you know benefit from this gift?  This is a true resource for someone who might want the medical information, resources and networking opportunities available through the Internet  Are you isolated from cyberspace?  Would you like to browse the Internet and email friends but don't have the money for a new computer?  These are not just basic computers—they come loaded with full versions of all the primary programs.
  If you or someone you know can benefit from a personal computer, please contact SBAWS:  emai
l sbaws@yahoo.com or call 253-589-3700/toll free 1-888-289-3702 or Patti Logan 360-491-3171.

   Pilot has 512 MB of memory and  is an AMD Athlon (tm) with XP 2000+ and 1.67 GHZ,  DDRSD Ram = 133 Mhz, 3 slots of Dimm.

OlyGeek Spina Bifida of Washington State Computer

Comes equipped with

Microsoft Windows XP Professional  Version 2002  Service Pack 3

Microsoft Office 2007

Word, Xcel, Power Point, Outlook, Info-Path

Open Office 3.1

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer


Mozilla Thunderbird (Email client)

GNU Cash – money manager

7-zip –File zip & unzip

AUS – disk defragger

AVG 8.5 – antivirus

CD Burner

*CDR Tools –ISO disks – burning program 4 bit to CD

CLAMWIN – antivirus

Driver Max – to check drivers

Imager viewer

File Shredder – completely overwrites data

File Zilla FTP client – transfer files between computers


Freemind – Game


IR fanview—freeware cvonverter/image viewer

Key Pass – password protection with master password

Lasvalys – computer information

*Microsoft SCSE – import high end hard drivers

Mozilla Sunbird – calendar

*NVU –HTML editor & putting together web sites

PARDON – dictionary

PDF creator

Power Toys for Windows – modifies windows settings

*PUTTY -- Chat client between Windows & LINKUS

Runtime -  disk management


Shareaza – file sharing program

SPYBOT – search & destroy spyware

*ULTRAVNC – connecting with other machines

*Windows Power Shell – enhanced dos

Winmerge – determines changes between two versions of same file

*WINSCP –Pageant – IRC

Adobe Reader – reads pdf files

Audacity – records & plays back sound

INK scape – drawing

Office Communicator – Instant messenger for Open Office

Paint – drawing

Pigeon – instant message modifier

Remote assistance – take over another computer

Movie maker