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formerly, the Evergreen Spina Bifida Association

Hello Friends in the Spina Bifida Community!
   My name is Laura Tellado, and I am a 22-year-old University of Central Florida student with Spina Bifida. Recently, I began a blog that will in part chronicle my life with SB, as well as educate people and promote awareness of SB. My goal is to keep the blog for at least a year, during which time I will write to one celebrity or public figure per day, in the hopes of finding a person willing to become the national spokesperson for people with Spina Bifida.
   I have been working toward this goal, since I was ten years old by writing letters, but my attempts proved futile, and many times, I grew discouraged.
Here is the link to my blog:
   I sincerely hope you will all forward it to anyone and everyone that you know, and publish the link in your local newsletters, as well as E-mail it to all members of your local chapters. I figure if I can now count on the support of all those in the SB community, I have a better chance of fulfilling my dream.
    It's about time that Spina Bifida receives the level of recognition it deserves, given the high level of incidence. As many prevention initiatives prove fruitful, I fear that public interest in those of us already living with it is rapidly decreasing.
Please do not allow us to be forgotten.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact me either by phone: 407-538-2983, or by E-mail:
  Thank you very much, and together, let's make this happen!
Laurita Tellado :-)  Student, Aspiring Journalist & Advocate

Holdin’ Out for a Hero

Join me on Holdin' Out for a Hero Promoting awareness & providing support for people with Spina Bifida

Laura Tellado

Hi everyone!

I've created a social network on Ning for readers and followers of my blog, "Holdin' Out for a Hero."

This will also be a network for people with Spina Bifida or anyone interested

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